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In futurist Alvin Toffler’s books Powershift and The Third Wave, he proposes that Western Civilization’s technological advances that have ushered in the ability to gather information are our greatest source of power. Just as the Age of Enlightenment brought about the creation of our own nation – the first nation in the history of the world created through reason, not merely warfare, Toffler asserts once again, knowledge can be translated into power.

The internet has heralded in our ability to research and spread information at the speed of light. So, where can the citizens of Texas District 17 go to find out the truth of Chet Edwards’ voting record? An excellent source is Project Vote Smart. Transparency in government is a necessary and vital requirement if we are to preserve liberty. Project Vote Smart lists the voting history of our elected officials according to topics, so it is easy to track and determine those votes and what they indicate regarding political beliefs.

You can also see what interest groups support Edwards, view campaign contributors, and read statements made by Edwards in regards to various legislative votes. In short, you can learn the basic facts as to who Chet Edwards is and what has motivated him in his lengthy political career.

As the ancient Greek and Romans determined, applied knowledge is source of wisdom. Our nation is in a pivotal situation and this coming election will determine whether the United States of America continues as orginally founded or lapses into historical irrelevance.

I encourage everyone to spend some time reviewing the voting record of the man that has represented us for so many years using the transparent tool of Project Vote Smart and then spread that information within your circle of family and friends.

When knowledge is power, rather than a cult of personality, money, and force, freedom will always ring in our land.


  1. I would like to know why Bill Flores has refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart. Because he does not have an extensive voting record it seems important that he answer those questions.

  2. If you are omniscient and know the intent of others, then you must know the answer. And that feigned sense of being righteously indignant is so petulant in an endearingly childish sort of way. (grin…) Go peddle yellow journalism somewhere else.

    Defend your candidate, Teddy. Tell us how you are glad Edwards voted against ObamaCare and Cap and Tax because those ideas are destructive to the nature of individual freedom and liberty. Tell us how excited you are that Edwards thinks a secret ballot to unionize the work place is a threat to liberty and our freedom of choice.

    You are just so dang cute when you get all tangled up in your duped politically spun web….I just can’t stand it….grin…It’s just so cute observing a kid thinking because he’s got on the blinders means we can’t see.

    As “Wall Street” executive Hal Holbrook says, “Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

    See ya on the other side of the abyss, Ted. xoxo

  3. Defend my candidate? I have been rather critical of Congressman Edwards voting record, and his votes against legislation that I support such as health care reform, cap and trade, and most recently voting against the repeal of the so called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I am very supportive of a secret ballot, and to give individual workers to the individual liberty to unionize if they so desire.

    Also, you don’t have to be so patronizing in your responses. I am respectful of this blog, and try to make my point forcefully but with tact. I don’t have blinders on; I see the world as it is an not as I wish it to be.

    • First, I apologize for being snarky in my tone. I like you a lot, Teddy and value our discussions incredibly. You’ve got principles and I admire that in people. You have a desire to do the right thing and lead a righteous life. As an older person, I am always warning my younger nieces and nephews and all that will listen, “Hey, here’s a hole in the road of life. It can be avoided. It IS possible to learn from the mistakes of others.” I am just a lovable little fuzz ball….a wild little jackalope.

      Righteous indignation is one of my pet peeves as it has become abused by the lowest common denominator in our society. Everybody seems to walk around looking for their 15 seconds of fame (Andy Warhol) of giving somebody else a piece of their mind. With all the pieces they share, maybe they should try to hang on to a bit of their sanity and just see people as people.

      I have found that it’s much easier to recognize the absolutely wicked, debauched, evil crowd when we just stay at eye level rather than getting up on our high horses. Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers say, “If you see me gettin’ high, knock me down! I’m not better than that!”

      I truly apologize for “spraining your dignity” – Wrinkle In Time – and I thank you for ‘sprainin’ mine. As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17

    • Now, to the important stuff: (please read apology comment below as these comments aren’t coming out in chronological order)

      So, Teddy, you don’t appreciate the fact that Edwards plays politics with his votes. Join the crowd. Nothing worse than a politician whose Yes is not a Yes and whose No is not a No, but rather some Byzantine bureaucratic game from one of Dante’s Inner Circles of Hell -Treachery.

      In your case, you actually got the legislative outcome you wanted, but still bristle at the fact that your Representative is well…just not a stand-up kind of guy. That’s what I like about you, Teddy. Unlike Chet Edwards, you have principles, unlike Chet who is just looking out for Numero Uno.

      Please consider that not ALL Americans are gung-ho about becoming government employees…like doctors…y’know that American gene of self-determination and all… Human nature is pretty clear that people and civil society thrives when citizens are free from coercion to pursue their own best interest. To view the work of others as a right or benefit to others is the same mentality that allowed slavery to continue after the Revolutionary War. I believe loving your neighbor as yourself means that I must defend my neighbor against tyranny and oppression as I would defend myself.

      The rational thinking that created this nation recognized human nature and appealed to its highest nature – pursuit of happiness – and we astounded the world in rapid time. But now we falter because we have combined State and Church without recognizing the peril of the depravity of human nature. Doing supposed good at the expense of others is the worst hell imaginable as certain people are viewed as mere cogs in the machinery, to be used and eventually cast aside. This is the history of every oppressive regime ever to exist on earth.

      Today’s Democrat Party has revealed itself to consider certain individuals as just workers in a worker’s paradise, much to the dismay of the sovereign individuals the Democrat Party seeks to dehumanize. That it is done under the guise of “compassion” proves Democrat Party members to be completely delusional in regards to the God given nature of man. Haven’t they been the party that preached to us all these years that you can’t legislate morality? Taxes are not a giant State/Church collection plate. Human nature says that you get what you pay for. Therefore greed, corruption, duplicity, lying, and every sort of vice known to man is present in society accordingly.

      I’ve experienced the worst of human nature but thanks to God in Heaven, it has not embittered my soul. As I would tell my young remedial reading students, if you want to be DIFFERENT — try being smart. Now, that’s a rebel with a cause! wink.

      The tea party movement is about rebellion against the current political establishment hierarchy that views individual citizens as just another brick in the wall. Contrary to their opinion, we are not mindless bovines struggling to find the fence in order to follow it to the gov’t feed trough and barn. We are all sovereign individuals with our own dreams, aspirations, and abilities, although some of us need to awaken our inner spirit from the numbness that comes to complacent zoo animals. My handicapped sister reveals the innate ability and desire to be fully engaged in her own decision making. She knows how to LIVE life and it is a joy to be included in her life.

      True compassion recognizes that if you love someone, they have to be free and that charity is a totally separate entity. It is good for those existing on the beneficence [the actual act of doing good] of charity to realize their state of dependence. Otherwise, your low-life family member will be moving in with you and your sweet wife and demanding the best room in the house with you and your sweetheart becoming his slave. That’s the reality of the depravity of human nature.

      So, in my opinion, and in the opinion of our Founding Fathers, I say, appealing to the highest nature of man engenders a much better world for the poor, the widowed, the orphan, the afflicted, and every other human on the planet.

      If you love somebody, Set them free
      If you want to own somebody,
      Don’t even think about me

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