The Constitution and Nullification—now more than ever

From the 1828 Dictionary

So much to nullify, so little time

Now that we are ensured of a Hurricane Sandy-level foul-water rising of federal regulation, it is time to get fully up to speed on our legal, rule-of-law alternatives.

The Tea Party learned the lesson of depending upon others to do a job that you are unwilling to do yourself with McCain/Feingold.  It was wrong for people to okay bad legislation during the Bush era hoping the Supreme Court would do the right thing and declare what everyone knew to be unconstitutional, unconstitutional. This lesson was reinforced again when Supreme Court Justice John Roberts told the American people that it wasn’t his responsibility to protect us from the ignorance of our own will by single-handedly declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional.

As my Momma’s Momma told her, “What’s everybody’s business is nobody’s business.”

When it comes to defending the Constitution, every citizen is empowered to do so. Every elected official has the sworn oath responsibility to defend the Constitution. We are not a nation ruled by the whim of a few men, but a nation maintained by adherence to the Constitution.

  • Every man doing what he believes right in his own eyes is lawlessness.
  • Legislated lawlessness is the stuff of tyranny and oppression which history has shown always leads to diminished peace, prosperity, and opportunity.

Therefore, the Bryan/College Station Tea Party is leading the way to empower citizens and elected officials to embrace the power of self-determination through the republican form of government by promoting NULLIFICATION of those Federal Programs we know to be unconstitutional as well as steady application of the 10th Amendment to those rights retained by the various states according to the Constitution.

  • Will Texas allow a doctor to be punished/fired for not performing an abortion or the forced starving of euthanasia?
  • Will Texas allow a United Nation gun ban disarm its citizens? Or usurp an owner’s property rights? 
  • Will Texas submit to the lunacy of carbon dioxide being labeled a pollutant?

Stop the insanity by declaring each of the above legislative rules/regulation absurd and invalid through Nullification.

To better understand these great principles, we offer the Constitution In 10 Lessons. Only by becoming knowledgeable in our nation’s Constitution can we ever expect to reap the inherent  rewards of a free civil society which are peace, prosperity, and opportunity.

Whether as a citizen or an elected representative, our goal must be to look to the standard of the Constitution and apply those rules accordingly each day.





  1. Tom Laskoskie says:

    This is a good idea. Nullification is constitutional and if Texas did it, other states would follow. This shows how important it is for us to know about our constitution. Our founding fathers gave it to us for our protection, we must use it. The schools won’t teach it, so we must learn it ourselves, and apply it.

    Join us at the constitution class.

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