It’s all about having a game plan

Please join us in 2013 and beyond to work toward these principles and plans!

If we are all get on board with this, IT WILL WORK

We can and must discuss the best way to get there, but to agree on where we are going is the only way to get there.

Words mean something

One of the current problems we have is in nomenclature/lexicon. When the idea people in the grassroots use certain words that catch on, the Ad Execs in the campaign teams (the Ruling Class) troll the key words for their personal use without having any connection to the definition meant. The term then gets watered down until it is meaningless as more and more people apply the term to mean themselves—without bearing the character to justify the lexicon.

(The formerly-descriptive word “conservative” is probably the best example of this. Are the people saying they are, even aware of what it is they are conserving?)

Following the founding principles is the only way anything good can work

U.S. Constitution

The Constitution. In our lifetimes, NOT followed as intended. So far

The solution to this is to return to our source material. A voting block well educated in the fundamentals of The Constitution, Federalist Papers, and Declaration cannot be misled by a phony or misunderstood by the Ruling Class. Just as regular Bible reading keeps the seeking individual on course with loving God with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving his neighbor as himself, getting our directions from the actual source material of our nation’s founding will strengthen and unify all the participants in this game plan.

  • A public educated on the fallacy of the three most abused phrases in the Constitution that supposedly allow government to do what ever it wants.
  • A public educated on the true meaning of federalism and its purpose.
  • A public firm in understanding that the Constitution LIMITS government.
  • A public that recognizes the error of secularism whose intent is to merely make legal everything that God placed off limits is not a progressive culture, but a culture on course with self-destruction. To make everyone responsible for the self-destruction of his neighbor through the social safety net is cultural nihilism, not compassion. Therefore, gov’t. best serves the nation by encouraging self-responsibility, morality, and virtuous behavior and the punishment of those that break the law. See Federalist 10 and Romans 13:1-7. Natural Law exists. Certain behaviors lead to certain results.

Ideas to spread for the future

From Americans for Prosperity — Texas.

1.  Entitlements – Complete reworking according to that “great” Progressive demand of so-called Separation of Church and State and the Constitution’s limit on the establishment of a state church. We have become a two-tiered system of elites that prey upon the unfortunate to further the elites’ power and wealth.

2.  Federalism – a true understanding would be the best thing to happen to the Military and its purpose. No more spreading peace and love. (That happens through commerce and religious freedom.) The American Military is a force that every attacker of American interest should fear. American interest is defined by the grievances in the Declaration and Natural Law. Breaking of foreign contracts is dishonorable and deserving of loss of American support.

3.  Punishment of lawbreakers. Only when the lawbreakers are punished can the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the lawful be safe. Impeachment is the power of the people to guard their own safety.

4. Of course a return to the Constitution would eliminate regulatory bureaucracy. It is up to us to learn, teach and hold our elected officials to the government-restraining principles in the Constitution. THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN DONE IN OUR LIFETIMES.

These are fundamental things that can bring together people from every part of our very balkanized culture. They are republican (little “r”) ideas. “Democracy” thrives on balkanization until the meanest SOB group leader assumes control of ALL the groups….and then assumes tyrant power to prevent any other group leader from usurping his oppressive power (Plato).

Classical republicanism appeals to the individual, not the classifying group. We must unite individuals according to certain true principles. Which is why the need for all of us to be well educated in those true principles.


  1. In other kingdoms the head of government or head of state or other high-ranking official figures may be legally required to be a member of a given faith. Powers to appoint high-ranking members of the state churches are also often still vested in the worldly governments. These powers may be slightly anachronistic or superficial, however, and disguise the true level of religious freedom the nation possesses. In the case of Andorra there are two heads of state, neither of them native Andorrans. One is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Seu d’Urgell, a town located in Catalunya/Spain. He has the title of Episcopalian Coprince (the other Coprince being the French Head of State). Coprinces enjoy political power in terms of law ratification and constitutional court designation, among others.

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