The Founder’s Solution: One Message of Objective Truth and Morality

When Creator endowed Liberty is replaced with Man-Endowed Privilege then Human Nature will reward itself.

That we mistakenly call this Justice, is why it’s no longer safe to visit the local University McDonald’s in the wee morning hours or sit patiently waiting for an AMTRAK Train in San Antonio.

The benefits of ONE moral message for every  community.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party – grounded in the fixed principles of the Founding Documents – promotes solutions to current issues meant to ensure the perpetuation of our nation according to the fixed principles upon which all issues are resolved. The chaos this nation is currently sufferring are due to our own rejection of those fixed principles. While rational objective self-evident truth can be ignored, the logical consequences of attempting to rationalize meaninglessness as though equal to fixed principles of objective truth and morality is the introduction of self-imposed chaos and insanity. Needless to say, Creator-endowed rights are endangered when the fixed rules by which the Creator established His Universe, are arbitrarily applied and respected. This is why it is so important for the Tea Party Movement to base our arguments on current issues – not upon our opinion – but instead upon what is objective truth and morality according to our Founding Documents. [youtube][/youtube] Orwell’s 1994 Big Brother is only able to maintain order by reordering reality by replacing it with irrational “whatever” with the certain ability to deliver to every man his own unique fear. A culture accepting Big Brother’s irrational understanding is unable to diferentiate between a ruthless hoodlum and a good citizen. This new chaotic understanding alters the fixed principles of  Creator endowed Liberty to instead become Man-endowed — and therefore can be a Man-controlled “priviledge” in which Character ceases to be connected to the reality of living in accordance with fixed principles of truth and morality. Character is simply as TNT advertizing declares: Drama. But TNT is a irrational virtual world in which the dram-a particpants get up unscathed from the script they followed. In reality, Liberty as a man-endowed “priviledge” is devastating to our political/cultural well being.

The Power of One Message of Objective Truth and Morality - The Eagle's eyes are upon the olive branch of peace, but disrepected peace will be met with prepared violence.

The Power of One Message of Objective Truth and Morality – The Eagle’s eyes are upon the olive branch of peace, but disrepected peace will be met with prepared violence.

When we lose sight of the unifying aspect of a community sending ONE message of Civic Duty – E Pluribus, Unum – Out of many, ONE, the chaos that occurs is in keeping with the elimination of the desired end of maintaining ONE MORAL CODE – which is according to the Declaration of Independence, the perpetuation of everyone’s Creator endowed Equality, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. What we must understand is that the consequence of Big Brother’s irrational undefitionion of morality is completely self- imposed. The News Media Journalist is our neighbor without the character to discern between a ruthless hoodlum and a Texas Tea Party supporter because he does not appreciate fixed principles of Truth and Morality but is simply operating on the latest meme redefining memo that “explains/preserves the irrational reality” . This is not a reporting of the events, but an attempt to rewrite the event so that it tells a virtual reality – a farce – a made-up distortion of reality. So, when we hear of a murder at our local University McDonald’s or the savage fist-beating murder of a man minding his own business sitting on a bench at the San Antonio AMTRACK Station the reporting is absent the discussion of objective truth and morality as a means to determine justice.

The self-infliction of the irrational anti-logic of anti-free enterprise meme requres that the greedy motives of McDonald’s Corp. be held singularly at fault – with a huge monetary fine – while the very same greedy motives of the McDonald’s night shift managers go unexamined. In this irrational morality of man-imposed Liberty – only the rich or a deep pocketed corporation can be driven by the love of money. Lawyers and District Attorney’s in rebellion to the singular moral code of this nation will instead apply the meaningless chaotic morality of man-prividedged Liberty because there is no neutral ground and the usual suspects get the usual treatment. Just understand that JUSTICE has become a farce (dram-a) and the new theatre is the parking lot of the University Drive McDonald’s in the wee morning hours. Meanwhile, in the attempt to “normalize” the behavior of a murderer, the San Antonio media talked about what a wonderful, gentle person Michael Fobbs Jr. was, and refused to inform the public about Fobbs’ criminal history.” The victim, Joseph Keith Richard, was mentioned only by “his name, age, and town, and refused to so much as publish his photograph, making him a raceless, faceless, cipher, and insinuating that he was a homeless drifter with no job and no living relatives, about whom one needn’t waste a moment’s thought. He might as well have never existed.”

Objective Reality Principle: We get the behavior we accept and reward.

Those in the news media have First Amendment Protection in order to ensure the reporting of objective truth and morality, but only those individuals who agree there IS objective Truth and Morality are capable of doing so. Our Justice System can only work if  The Law  ia applied according to ONE Moral Code of fixed Truth and Morality. Irrational meaningless ness intent upon delievering “Big Brother’s  man-priviledged Liberty will leave the innocent dead, the lesser-priviledged as sacrifice to the system, and the community’s Creator endowed rights in constant peril.

ALL this sorrow is completely self-inflicted because we think we can maintain both a rational and an irrational understanding of reality.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party wants everyone to KNOW the Founding Principles and use those fixed principles of self-evident truth and morality as the means to solve our current problems.

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