July meeting: The Handbook for We the People

A Primer on Strict Construction of the Constitution

Thursday, July 21
C&J BBQ in Bryan, TX (1010 S Texas Ave)

Bob Hilliard will speak and discuss his new book, “Handbook for We the People: A Primer on Strict Construction of the Constitution”. This handbook provides an opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the constitution with text based on original source material. Eight chapters cover topics from constitutional history to enumerated powers to amendments. Join us and invite friends!

After years of study on strict construction of the Constitution he decided to write The Handbook for We the People. Bob still considers himself to be a student of the Constitution. This book is intended to aid students of all ages in learning what is actually written in the Constitution in hopes of filling our country with students, teachers, candidates, legislators, and voters who are literate about our Constitution.

He will be selling his book at the meeting or you can buy on Amazon.

6:00pm – Eat and/or Greet! – Buy dinner or just sit and visit
6:30pm – Meeting starts
8:00pm – Meeting ends
8:15pm – Meet-up at AppleBees

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