June meeting: State Convention report; and, suing the State

Thursday, June 21, 6:30 PM
Outback Steak House in College Station (2102 Texas Ave South).

Consider arriving early at about 6:00 PM for dinner and hearty discussion before the meeting.

GOP Convention 2018. Texas, our Texas.The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) is holding its biennial convention June 14- 16 in San Antonio, Texas.  Some of us from the B/CS Tea Party group are part of the Brazos County delegation to the RPT.  The first part of our program on June 21 will feature reports from several delegates about their experiences at the convention and their opinions about some of the decisions made at the convention.

James and Anita relaxing on lawn chairs next to their parked tractor.

When state regulations attack, farmers are sidelined. They’re suing. (Photo by Laura Skelding for The Texas Tribune. Please don’t sue us.)

Former farmers of America (well, Hearne). Or, bureaucrats gone wild

In addition, James McHaney and Anita Patton-McHaney will share their story about a lawsuit they have filed against the Texas Department of State Health Services over a controversy that has been brewing for several years about the definition of the word “Pickles”.  Yes, you read it right “Pickles”.  Click here for an article from the Texas Tribune recounting this saga about Jim and Anita’s battle with out-of-control bureaucrats.

Please make plans to join us for an occasion to be better informed about the world we live in today!

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