Legislative Training Session at TAMU

Learn to Testify—Unlocking the Secrets of the Texas Legislature, presented by Rachael Malone, Gun Owners of America, College Station, Sept. 25From the Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas A&M (note the date—Wed., Sept. 26!):


Did you know that there are specific times that the Texas Legislature invites the entire state of Texas to go on record with their opinions on bills? You can make change happen in the legislature by taking advantage of this little-known fact.

We’ll cover:

  • Legislative process in Texas — including chokepoints and pressure points
  • How to track bills
  • How to read (& understand) bills
  • Navigating a committee hearing
  • Preparing & delivering effective testimony
  • Interacting with legislators
  • The most important things you cannot fail to do to advocate for your issue

You’re the one most qualified to give your opinion to your legislators. Learn how to do such a great job that you have an impact in passing good bills — or blocking bad ones.

Legislative Training that will be conducted by Rachel Malone, Texas Director of Gun Owners of America and longtime grassroots activist. Rachel has been conducting legislative training throughout Texas since 2013. The seminar will be this Wednesday from roughly 6 to 9 at the Texas A&M Recreation Center — Room 1132. The Room is located near the South Entrance of the Rec Center.

The Rec Center South entrance is located in parking lot 100J and is adjacent to Blue Bell Park/Olsen Field Baseball Stadium.

Paid Parking/Pay to Park Kiosk Stations can be found at the West Campus Garage or Lot 100J.

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