January Meeting – Learn to Testify with Gun Owners of America’s Rachel Malone

Bryan College Station Tea Party meeting on Thursday, January 24, 6:30 PM, will be held at Outback Steakhouse, 2102 Texas Avenue South, in College Station, TX.

The 86th Texas Legislature convened on January 8, 2019 and will end on May 27, 2019. Many important issues will be debated, won and lost during this time. Property Tax Reform, Election Integrity, Constitutional Carry and School Finance Reform are a few of the high interest items. Citizen activism is a very important factor in promoting and winning the battles ahead.

This meeting will feature Legislative Training taught by Rachel Malone, Texas Director of Gun Owners of America. Rachel has been conducting legislative training in Texas since 2013. (more about Rachel)

Some of the topics will include:

  • Legislative Process in Texas
  • How to track bills
  • How to read & understand bills
  • Navigating a committee hearing
  • Preparing & delivering effective testimony
  • Interacting with Legislators

Please make time to join us and learn about how anyone can be an effective citizen advocate for issues that are important for all Texans.

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