Action Alert – Election Integrity Bill Hearing Monday

Action Alert – Election Integrity Bill Hearing Monday

This Monday @ 9 AM, SB 9 by Senator Hughes will be heard. This bill makes several crucial changes to the law to secure our elections and we need your help to get it passed. A few of the changes the bill makes are listed below:

  • Requiring a paper back up for all ballots cast, and providing assistance to countries to retrofit their current machines if needed
  • A pilot program for robust Risk Limiting Audits, the gold standard for quickly double checking election night returns.
  • Allows law enforcement to conduct operations and investigations during elections
  • Provides avenue for redress and civil penalties for election fraud that can be enforced by a candidate who has been harmed by the fraud.
  • Requires an automatic recount if/when the total number of votes cast in a precinct exceeds the number of registered voters in that precinct.

How you can help get this bill passed by:

  1. Attending the hearing Monday morning in the State Senate Chambers in Austin
  2. Contacting the members of the State Affairs Committee
  3. Sharing this Alert with anyone you know who would support this bill

You get more information on how to help in this press release from Grassroots America: We The People.

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