Action Alert! Contact your Texas legislators

Texas Capitol Building

Tell ’em. Tell ’em again. Then tell ’em what you told ’em.

The success of many important issues in the Texas Legislature depends on citizens communicating common sense opinions to Legislators.

These legislators need to hear from us. Or we’re both falling short.

Please call your State Representative and Senator immediately to remind them that their votes on the serious matters listed below are of great concern to us and respectfully direct them to Oppose or Support the issues as indicated.

Senator Charles Schwertner  (512) 463-0105

Representative John Raney  (512) 463-0698

Representative Kyle Kacal  (512) 463-0412

Information about House Bills (HB) or Senate Bills (SB) can be found on the Texas Legislature Online website

  • Oppose – HB10, HB18, HB19, HJR5 – Creation of Mental Health Institute and Mental Health Panels. These bills would create a mental health panel for using schools as laboratories to determine if children have the “proper mental health” as determined by the panel. Teachers and staff would become thought and behavior police. This is Big Brother in action that would overrule and undermine parental authority and decisions.
  • Support – HB 16, SB 23 – Born Alive Protection – This bill would provide for enforcement of the rights of a living unborn child after an abortion.
  • Support – HB 583, SB 1663, SB 927, SB1400 – Monument Protection

These bills address the issues involved with maintaining the integrity of the Alamo, Cenotaph and other historical monuments.  Rep. Kyle Kacal serves on the Natural Resources Committee considering HB 583.

  • Support – HB 281, SB 29 – End Tax Payer Funded Lobbing – These bills would prohibit public funds from being used to pay for lobbying expenses. Taxpayers should not have to pay for lobbyist influencing legislators for a cause they do not support.
  • Support – HB 2, SB 2 – Property Tax Reform

There has been a lot of huffing and puffing about Property Tax Reform with very little positive results so far.

  • Support – HB 440, HB 477, SB 30, SB 1048 – Bond Election Dates

These bills would move Bond Elections to November General Election dates with the intent of having more voter participation in bond debt decisions.

  • Support – HB 347 – End Forced Annexation – This bill would help end the process of forced annexation as was experienced by the residents of Wellborn when they were annexed by College Station.
  • Support – SB 9 – Election Integrity – This bill would require a voter verifiable paper audit trail for elections systems, instituting a pilot program to use that paper trail to ensure that the tabulated results match the votes cast with increased certainty, limiting the most common fraudulent practices, and providing better and more timely evidence in investigations into alleged voter fraud.
  • Support – SB 901, SB 902, SB 903 – SB 901 addresses penalties for mail in ballot fraud, SB 902 allows better access to voting information and SB 903 strengthens registration list maintenance requirements and facilitates enforcement of existing election laws.

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