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The proposed Texas Central High-Speed Rail is a financial disaster looking for a place to happen, a real Texas sized boondoggle!

Many bills have been filed in the Texas Legislature to protect the rights of private property owners and taxpayers from the inevitable failure and consequences of any high-speed rail project. We need your help to convince legislators that these bills are a priority for all Texas taxpayers and we expect them to be a champion for Texas, not for a small cadre of wealthy investors and foreign governments seeking funds and favors from Texas and the Feds for their private venture. Yes, that is correct … Texas Central is seeking eminent domain and public funds for their private project!

John Raney now Chair of High Speed Rail Transportation Subcommittee

Our very own Rep. John Raney has recently been named Chair of a Transportation Subcommittee to deal with bills addressing the high-speed rail project. Please immediately take the time to contact Rep. Raney and request his help in protecting Texas from the high-speed rail fiasco along with keeping California fiscal policies and the Green New Deal out of our great state. Remember to be courteous and stand your ground.

Contact Rep. Raney now

Rep. John Raney, Chair (512) 463-0698

Email Rep. Raney here:

Check out the Texans Against High Speed Rail website for more information:

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