About the B/CS Tea Party


Our mission is to:

  • Teach citizens about their natural and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and responsibilities;
  • Empower citizens to engage their government representatives and candidates for public office; and
  • Act in defense of the United States of America and the State of Texas, and the freedom and liberty the constitutions of each promise to every citizen.


Our vision is to further our Mission by adhering to the principles envisioned in The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America and codified in The Constitution of The United States of America.


Our objectives are designed to further our mission:

  • To provide a venue for citizens to learn constitutional solutions to current political issues.
  • To cause citizens to become influential members of society, regarded as learned defenders of liberty and freedom.
  • To create a fully engaged citizenry well-schooled in the Founding Documents of the United States of America, empowered to act in the governing of the Nation and State by exercising their power as the sovereign of these United States.


Our motto summarizes the three points in our mission and objectives. It is:

Teach. Empower. Act.


The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is independent, neither affiliated with nor subordinate to any other individual or organization.


  1. Larry Oeth says:

    Not unexpectedly, Flores votes YES on the increased spending for 2011 budget year today. Absolutely NO political need to do so, and it violates many “pledges” he made on the campaign trail.

    You promised to reduce spending, or at least vote that way. Today you broke that promise. Guess that ‘ole Aggie Code isn’t operative any more in your world. Anyway, congratulations. Your prize in this contest is a real primary challenge for 2012. And it won’t be a say-nothing opponent like last time. How many babies did Planned Parenthood kill today with the Federal dollars you voted for?

    So, ready to primary? We can resurrect Rob Curnock’s old volunteer list and yours for a start. Dave McIntyre is pretty adamant about the debt issue and he may want to help out (really not sure about him, though). If we don’t make the three mistakes Rob made we can beat Flores with the facts. Otherwise Flores will keep voting like Chet Edwards to make his new Wash, DC friends happy. What three mistakes you ask?

    1. Didn’t keep growing and training his volunteer brigade. We can if we start now.
    2. Didn’t discuss issues, just kept repeating “I can win.” We need to start a REAL dialog with the electorate.
    3. Didn’t connect with local, small business owners. Again, correctable as #1 above.

    I would support Rob again IF he agreed to get serious on the issues AND got committed, smart managers.

  2. I have written extensively on ICLEI at Virginia Right and if any of my articles or videos can help, feel free to quote or cite them.

    Let me know if/when College Station leaves ICLEI!

    Sandy Sanders

  3. John R. Street says:

    I am 100% with the Tea Party. My name is John R. Street. I am on the Bryan School Board. I have been thinking about running as a third party for the President of the United States. Is there an event coming up that I could speak at on the issues of The Constitution and the rights of the American people. We have to get back to the original Constitution and give the American people back their rights. Our current president has and continues to take away our constitutional rights that we as America have fought so hard to gain, retain and work for. We can’t allow this president nor Romney or Newt to take away even further or not restore to its fullest, capacity as our for father gave it to us. I would greatly appreciate this opportunity to help bring back the basics of the American heritage.

    Thank You

    John R. Street

  4. Steve Weaver says:

    Would someone send me the name and email for the speaker that we had about 4-6 months ago? He was the gentleman who was a Muslim but has converted to be a Christian and was giving us information about Islam and the Quran. Thanks. aggie74SW@gmail.com

  5. How often does your group meet my husband and I will be visiting your area around feb 7-10th. Would love to stop by and do some interviews and learning about your organization. Or I can talk about the villagesteaparty.org and our program including our media programs and guest speakers and broadcasting our weekly meeting LIVE ,recorded then posted to view and share.
    We hope to visit bush library. Thankbyou, Aileen Milton

  6. Steve Weaver says:

    I recently urged John Raney to vote for Scott Turner (rather than Joe Straus) for the Texas Speaker of the House. He replied in a letter. In that letter he said, “…I believe that Speaker Joe Straus is the best choice for District 14 and the Great State of Texas…I do not see Representative Scott Turner to be as capable, as proven, or as proficient as Speaker Straus.” I think that means it’s time to find someone to replace John Raney.

  7. Will be visiting TX in Feb .. might be in your area and consider meeting … like your website.

  8. James McHaney says:

    The book “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle Over Who Decides What We Eat”
    by David E. Gumpert, with foreword by Joel Salatin is worth finding and reading. The book is well documented from public records. The emphasis is on the battle of FDA, USDA and state health departments against “raw milk”, but it reveals the penetration of bureaucrats into everyday life.

  9. IRS RICO Fraud Case Explains News Blackout On ENERGY STAR

    Last year the University of Texas filed a RICO action against Alliantgroup in what has been described as a “Nationwide Scheme” to defraud bureaucrats out of millions of dollars in IRS tax credits. This corrupt enterprise involved tax credits for ENERGY STAR products and green buildings, a government-owned commodity available only by invitation to select EPA Partners. This EPA commodity has allegedly been generating tens of billions annually for the political establishment but is being kept secret from US taxpayer. Because its none of your business, it’s their business.


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